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Empowering clients to control supply chain, improve efficiency, gain greater cost-effectiveness and increase profitability.
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ISO 22000 IAF Intercert ISO9001

Who we are

ACE Supply and Provision is a young and ambitious company with one main objective; Best-in-Class performance for their clients!

The ACE team brings in over a century of extensive knowledge in logistics, food procurement and project management to catering clients in remote locations or conflicted areas. We believe that streamlining the procurement of food and catering related products will result in a higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Based on this ACE Supply and Provision has the goal to reduce costs and time lines of supply to the various locations, whilst managing the challenges associated with supply to remote locations for their catering clients.

To accomplish this ACE Supply and Provision uses an extensive supplier base to have freedom in sourcing the required products with the best cost-efficiency based on both product pricing and logistic fees associated throughout the full channel of procurement and delivery. To ensure food safety and quality, products will be obtained from ACE certified vendors only.

Who you are

You are active as a contractor in remote areas as a catering provider with a requirement of a secured and transparent supply chain, serving clients with a Western orientated cuisine based on European and American quality products. Capable to store a single temperature container load.

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To accomplish a high quality of trade and manage an on-time delivery model consistently, ACE uses an extensive supplier base and efficient transport related infrastructure that allows the freedom in sourcing products at the best cost and quality.

Various logistic routes are utilised to the locations of performance to ensure a contingency is always in place as well as to provide you with the best solution for your requirement. Simultaneously providing full track & trace details of the product whereabouts in the supply chain to its customer base.